Let him love you.

Behind every historical victory of women’s rights is an incredible woman who saw the need for change. Behind every incredible woman who changed the world, stood strong grounded parents who helped nurture her fire. Whether by positive influence or negative reselance, her parents molded her into who she became. As I think of myself, IContinue reading “Let him love you.”

If I knew then what I know now.

I’m sure many have seen the social media then and now trend circling. If somehow you haven’t, which I highly doubt, people are asked to post a photo from 2009; then a side by side with 2019. Ten years, a whole decade, how have you changed? Is your family different? Do you look drastically different,Continue reading “If I knew then what I know now.”

The chicken people banned me.

Okay… Full Disclosure. Ban was a strong word, they suspended me. Why? For bullying… No you didn’t misread that. Me, the chick (pun intended) who has BE NICE stickers and lanyards all over the place. Suspended for bullying. Let’s back up. Before my family and I moved we had chickens. So naturally, in the socialContinue reading “The chicken people banned me.”

Lesson Learned: The small things matter BIG time.

Today, I received a text from my sons 1st grade teacher. “Jack was wondering if you could bring a change of underwear? He didn’t quite make it but his pants are fine.” I rolled my eyes. Not because he dribbled some in his underwear on the way to the restroom. It’s because being a momContinue reading “Lesson Learned: The small things matter BIG time.”

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